How to Clean Silver Jewelry

Jewelry gets tarnished over time so it’s really important to know how to clean silver jewelry properly. One of the reasons they eventually become rusty and old is air. Sometimes, just letting your silver sit in the drawer or jewelry box can cause discoloration. Not using bracelets, rings, and other lucky charms for a few … Read more

Move-Out House Cleaning Checklist

Perhaps, you have packed the dishes. Probably, you de-cluttered your garage. Maybe, you hired reputable movers. Or you have signed the papers. Then, what are you going to do now? Well, a thorough cleaning should be your next job before moving out.  Cleaning an apartment might seem a simple task. But it is a tedious … Read more

How to clean roofs

Every homeowner dreams of a stylish, appealing, comfortable, and quality home. But, with a ton of factors to bear in mind, it’s difficult when or how to get started.  Perhaps, you’re done with your interior. Maybe, you replaced old windows with quality and long-lasting brands. So, what’s next? Your roof should be your top priority. … Read more

How to clean upholstery

You may have wondered about this question if you have not tried cleaning upholstery in your whole life. Maybe you made a mess, and you don’t want anybody else to clean for you but yourself. Perhaps you’ve been given the task by your boss, thinking that you know how to do it but certainly does … Read more

How to clean gutters

The gutter is an essential part of a house or building. It is a crucial element in the plumbing system of any household. A roof must be designed to have something that will lead rainwater to its appropriate disposal. This is where the role of a gutter comes in. It connects the roof slope to … Read more

How to fix a clogged drain

Drainage is a system to which liquids, sewage, and other substances are drained away. A drainage system is composed of an arrangement of pipes that carry out the waste or dirty fluids. Drainage comes in four different types of patterns. These patterns are classified according to their texture and form.  Types of Drainage Patterns Dendritic … Read more

How to clean chimneys

It’s quite romantic to walk in the street with your partner during the winter. It’s fun to take a sip of warm coffee in a restaurant as you watch the snow outside. But the long cold season can be a headache in the evening. This is where a fireplace and chimney come into play. Apart … Read more

How to fix a clogged toilet

From time to time, the unexpected happens. You sit comfortably on the home toilet reading a magazine or browsing Facebook, minding your own business(pun intended). You finish, press the button to flush, water starts filling the toilet’s bowl and not going down the drainage; well, it’s clogged. From time to time, this is bound to … Read more

How to clean laminate floors

Do you have a laminate floor in your home? Are you considering having one? There are some things you should know. Lots of people installed laminate floors in their homes. It is affordable and easy to install, lasts long and has a top protective layer. Like other floors, gather dust and dirt from our shoes, … Read more

How to clean oven racks easily

Before starting to clean the oven racks, we should know what’s on them. Food and oils get burnt onto our oven racks. It doesn’t matter how clean you are when you cook because those racks will still get greasy. Cheese and meats are oily and greasy so when we cook them the oil and grease … Read more