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Fiberfix Repair Wrap Review


When it comes to fixing things, there are countless ways to do it. It depends on what you need to fix and how strong you need to be. Fortunately for everyone, these days, there is something for everything. Do you have a burst pipeline? No problem! You can fix it. Is your roof leaking? Sure! Here is this patch so that you do not have to replace your roof. I can go on, but there is no point in that. The point is that nowadays you are able to fix almost everything without having to replace it. And that is precisely what Fiberfix does as well.

What is Fiberfix?

Fiberfix is a repair wrap that is activated when it comes in contact with water. According to the manufacturer’s claim, it is supposed to be a hundred times stronger than duct tape. Now, if you have ever used duct tape, which is highly likely, then you know how strong it is. To have something 100 times stronger than that is a bit inconceivable, to say the least. Nevertheless, a lot of people put it to the test, and the results are surprisingly good. You can use it on materials from wood to copper, which makes it highly versatile. But let’s learn a few things about FiberFix, shall we?

How does it work?

FiberFix uses resin as an adhesive. Once you dip it in water, it becomes as strong as steel. That is the significant advantage over the tape. When it hardens, there is nothing that can go through it. That is why people use it even for pipelines. When you look at it, you may get the impression that it is a simple adhesive. However, when you get it wet and wrap it around whatever it is that you want to fix, you will see a huge difference from the regular duct tape. Since it gets extremely sticky, the manufacturer recommends that you use gloves before you go into doing all the wrapping. So, you wet it, wrap it, and then you wait for it to harden. Your job is done.

Features & Benefits

I know that you are curious about what FiberFix can do. Honestly, I was too the first time I heard about it. Needless to say, people found numerous features and benefits of using it, and here are the most notable.

It adheres to any surface

When you buy adhesives, they usually have on the label the recommendations for surfaces. One says that it can glue glass, while others claim to be the best for wood. That also means you need to buy multiple products. However, FiberFix adheres to anything. It does not matter whether it is glass, wood, metal, or anything else. As long as you clean the surface well, FiberFix can actually fix anything.

Stronger than duct tape

Duct tape is a point of reference for many adhesives. People often joke that if you cannot fix something with duct tape, then it is forever lost. I can see the point of that. But then you hear about FiberFix and how it claims to be 100 times stronger than the most powerful fixing solution we all know and love. Hard to believe, but very easy to prove.

Ease of use

I am not saying that adhesives are generally hard to use, but you and I both know that there are some requirements. With FiberFix, there are not many. You must clean the surface you want to repair, just like with any other adhesive, pour some water, and wrap it around. That is pretty much it. That is all you have to do to get steel-like results.


Not only that you can fix anything with FiberFix, but you can also paint or sand over it to give it that finished looks you want. Do you know any other product that does that? Do you know if duct tape allows that? Of course not. Fiberfix is the only one. That how good it is.

It can handle anything

Once Fiberfix gets hardened, there is nothing that can go through it. If you put FiberFix on a pipeline, it will handle all the pressure or heat. Nothing can beat it. That is why FiberFix is said to be as hard as steel. It can even withstand a good ‘beating.’ So if you fix something and then drop it or scratch it, or anything else that can happen, FiberFix will stay in place and not let you down

It was on Shark Tank

This is not a feature as much as it is a simple brag. However, I think it deserves to be mentioned. FiberFix was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, and in the show, the sharks started chewing FiberFix. Guess what? Nothing happened, and nothing can happen to it. It is indestructible. You can throw anything at it. It will most certainly survive.


FiberFix products are not expensive. Not at all really. They do not exceed 20 dollars if you buy them individually. Of course, there are several great deals that provide more of a particular product at bigger prices, but even so, FiberFix is still cheap. And another thing is that it would cost you a lot more to replace the item you need to fix, so the way I see it, you still save money.

Word of advice

The manufacturer of FiberFix has a few recommendations that you are going to have to follow. It is for your own good, and as long as you use a particular product according to the instructions, you will have the desired results. First, do not use more products than you need to because you think they will hold better. It will not. Apply only how much is necessary. Otherwise, you are going to waste it. Secondly, always remember to wear gloves when you are using a FiberFix product. All of them are highly adhesive, and the last thing you need is to stick them to your skin. 

Last but not least, when you wet a FiberFix product, you will have a small window to get the job done. Otherwise, you are going to take it from the top. That is not only wasteful, but it will take you longer as well. Once you are done, and the FiberFix is hardened, you can paint or sand it according to whatever you want to.

Review: What are the best FiberFix products?

FiberFix is a family of products now. It may have started with just one, but thanks to the roaring success it had, now there are multiple products available, from wrapping tape and patches to super glue. They will all do a fantastic job, and once you try FiberFix, you will get hooked. Here are three of the best FiberFix products you can find online.

FiberFix Extreme Glue

FiberFix Extreme 

FiberFix Extreme is one of the best superglues I have ever used. I bought it because someone recommended it, but I never trust the fact that super glue is that ‘super.’ I do not think anyone believes it. However, FiberFix delivers. I was astonished to see how strong and fast this product is. Once you apply it, it only takes about 30 seconds for the glue to hold. You can repair anything, and the super glue will stay in place just as you need it to.

According to the manufacturer, the FiberFix Extreme can hold up to 2600 pounds. I could not test that, but after what I have seen, I have no reason to doubt that statement. The bond is strong and secure. Not to mention that it will last. Nothing that I fixed with FiberFix broke again, which is why I am so pleased with the results. For example, I repaired a ceramic carafe. The handle was broken. The carafe has the capacity to hold 3 liters of water. Not to mention that the carafe itself is quite heavy. I glued the handle, and now I do not have to worry that I will drop the carafe leaving me with only the handle in my hand. I did at first, but not anymore. I tell you, that is amazing.

FiberFix Extreme can fix anything, no matter what the material is. You can use it for glass, metal, rubber, leather, plastic, rock, wood, and styrofoam, you name it. Even more surprising is that it will not damage the surface you are repairing. I believe you are familiar with that burn you sometimes see from superglue. Well, that will not happen with FiberFix. 

FiberFix Heat Wrap

FiberFix Heat Wrap

The FiberFix Heat Wrap has many applications, and it is 100 times more reliable than duct tape. We all were satisfied with duct tape, and we still use it on many things. However, imagine a product that is 100 times better than an already viable solution. That is FiberFix Heat Wrap. Why is it called Heat Wrap? Because it is the best option when you need to fix something that is usually exposed to extreme heat, like hot water pipes, furnace leaks, or car parts.

This tape will become as tough as steel once it hardens. That makes it extremely reliable. As for the temperature it can withstand, the maximum is 850º Fahrenheit. Not even your oven can get that high. All you have to do is put on your gloves (very important, so do not forget,) soak the piece of wrap you need in water, and then apply it to whatever you want to fix. The repair will be ready for use in an hour. It is good to know that you can do all those repairs by yourself, is it not?

Once you apply FiberFix Heat Wrap, you do not have to worry about it ever again. There are higher chances of something breaking in another spot, but this product will not fail you. And that is pretty much everything you need to know. It is fast, easy, and reliable. There is nothing else you could wish for.

Buy FiberFix Heat Wrap at https://amzn.to/3ZUwWNn

FiberFix Rigid Patch

FiberFix Rigid Patch

There are times when you need to fix a flat surface, but you do not have the money to replace it entirely. I am talking about the roof, the garage door, or whatever comes to mind. Fortunately, FiberFix has a solution for that as well. It is called a rigid patch, and it can get you out of a pickle.

Just like other FiberFix products, the rigid patch becomes as hard as steel. You can choose from three available sizes, according to your needs. It will stick to anything, so you do not have to worry that it will not work. Trust me, it will surprise you. You can fix gutters, a hole in the wall, and trash cans, and that is just what comes to mind at the moment. But as long as it is a flat surface, you can fix everything. 

Before making the repair, make sure that you clean the surface area as best as possible. Place the patch and make sure to seal the edges. It must be exposed to UV light, and in 5 to 15 minutes, the patch will turn from yellow to clear. If you use it outdoors, place it at night, so that you can take your time putting it. If you need it indoors, you must make sure that the surface you repair is hit by UV lights, or you can use a UV flashlight. Otherwise, the patch will not cure.

Check the product at https://amzn.to/3YyPlxC

My recommendation

To tell you the truth I love all three products above. They all have different uses, and they are the best at what they do. However, the one I find most useful is the FiberFix Heat Wrap. You do not necessarily have to use it on hot pipes or anything. As long as it hardens, it will stay there no matter the conditions.


There are more than three FiberFix products, and I urge you to explore them all. They provide reliable fixes, and you will be very satisfied with the results. Thousands of people have already used FiberFix, and they could not be happier with their purchase.

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

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