How to clean oven racks easily – 5 Simple Methods

January 8, 2020

Clean oven racks, removed the grease from them

Before diving into how to clean oven racks, we should know what’s on them. Food and oils get burnt onto our oven racks. It doesn’t matter how clean you are when you cook because those racks will still get greasy.

Cheese and meats are oily and greasy so when we cook them the oil and grease steam off the food and get everywhere. Over time, it starts to layer, and it becomes difficult to get off. If you wait too long to clean your oven, when you preheat it, it will become smokey in the inside and you might end up transferring a burnt taste to your food.

Luckily, there are many ways to clean those racks.

Methods to clean the racks of the oven

Clean using Dryer Sheets

Using dryer sheets seemed odd to me at first. What you are going to do is lay dryer sheets in a bathtub. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can use a large bin. Grab your oven racks and lay them on top of the dryer sheets. Next, you will grab some dish soap and pour it on top of the racks. Fill the bathtub or large bin with hot water and wait overnight. Take the dryer sheets and wipe down the racks.

These dryer sheets are great because it is easy to clean up but the chemicals aren’t good for the environment.

How to clean oven racks naturally

If you want to clean the oven racks naturally all you need is vinegar and baking soda. Most of us have in our kitchens baking soda and vinegar. Place your oven racks in a bathtub or large bin. Sprinkle baking soda on the oven racks and let sit for a while. Next, take some distilled white vinegar and pour it over the racks. You will start to see the mixture fizzle. Add hot water to the mixture and let sit overnight. Scrub the racks.

Cleaning oven racks with baking soda is great for the environment. Baking soda and vinegar may not be the most efficient way to clean oven racks.

Cleaning oven racks with Napisan

Napisan is a clothes cleaner, so it might be hard to believe you can use it to clean oven racks. Its active ingredient is sodium percarbonate. This method is the quickest. Fill a bathtub or large bin with hot water. Lay your racks in the water and add a cap full of Napisan to the water. You only have to wait for an hour. Wipe down the racks and they will be clean. Napisan is the most efficient way to clean and is also environmentally friendly bleach. The clean up is easy. If Napisan isn’t sold in your area, you can use Oxiclean.

Washing the oven racks in the Dishwater

If you have a dishwasher at home you most likely have dishwater tablets. You are going to take your oven racks and wrap them in tinfoil. Place them in your bathtub or large bin and fill with hot water. Place a couple of the tablets over the racks. Let sit for about two hours. Wipe down. This method is a little wasteful with the amount of tinfoil and a little messy when you remove it. The dishwater tablet would be more efficient with fighting tough grease since they are concentrated dish detergent.

Giving the oven racks a good scrub with steel wool

Cleaning oven racks with steel wool is the simplest way to remove the grease and buildup on the racks. When using steel wool you can use any chemical or cleaning product. Make sure you only use the steel wool for your oven racks. Just let the racks sit in hot water and any cleaning product you choose. It’s best to let them soak overnight in a bathtub or large bin. Steel wool is the strongest cleaning tool you can use without damaging the racks. You can use steel wool with any of the methods mentioned in this article.

You don’t want to go too long without cleaning your oven racks. The longer you wait, the harder cleaning them will be and they can get to the point where it’s impossible to clean them. You should only have to clean them every three to six months. Luckily, there are different ways. If you want to go out and buy cleaning products or just use products, you have around your house. The choice is yours. When you clean your oven next, you can do each rack a different way to see which method works best for you.

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