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Best drawer liners: Our Favorite Drawer Liners for Organized Bliss

You know when you buy new furniture but then stack the drawers with all kinds of junk, and they get scratched? That happens to everybody, and it somehow manages to make you feel sorry about the situation. After all, it is not like you can buy furniture every year. That is a pity, which is why drawer liners have been invented. It is a simple but brilliant solution to a problem people have been having for ages.

Drawer liners come in various textures and designs. They are most useful, especially for those junk drawer people who hate them so much. Countless manufacturers produce these kinds of liners, and while people use these liners on shelves, they may be more useful in drawers. But then again, that is just my opinion.

Benefits of using drawer liners

Drawer liner added to a kitchen drawer

Drawer liners can be used in any drawer in any room. Manufacturers have created a kind that suits every single need of yours. I believe liners come with multiple benefits, and here are the most notable.

No more scratches

This is the most obvious benefit of all. I hate when I put something in a white-bottom drawer only to notice that it is all scratched after a while. Also, I think you are familiar with the black lines and some items left behind. However, a drawer liner will prevent that from happening. You just place the liner on the bottom of the drawer, and after you remove it, the bottom will look just as it looked when it was new. 

It is an excellent preserver

I do not know about you, but I spent a pretty significant portion of my life living in rented apartments. The owner will always check the place before you leave, and scratched drawers count as damage. You can lose your deposit that way. Trust me; I have been there. But if you place drawer liners when you move in and remove them when you leave, the landlord will have nothing to say about that, and you can cash in your deposit back. It is a simple thing, but it is worth a lot.

Recondition old furniture

You can use drawer liners to recondition old furniture – if you cannot afford new furniture or if you move into a new apartment that already has furniture, drawer liners may come in handy. You may find that the bottom of the drawers is damaged, and liners will save you from storing your stuff in ugly-looking spaces. After all, you do not want your clothes stored in a dirty and scratched drawer, do you?

Do not forget about the pots and pans

I say that because recently I bought new furniture for my kitchen, and I put all the pots and pans in the drawers. However, after a while, I noticed that the bottom of the said drawers looked like hell, in just a few weeks. I purchased drawer liners in the end, but if you could buy them before putting the pots in the drawers, you could save yourself some trouble. I felt terrible about it. Seeing my new furniture, all damaged, broke my heart a little bit.

It looks lovely

Apart from the practical benefits, the drawer liners look very nice. There are countless designs, patterns, and textures that will make your drawers look more adorable, especially in places with high traffic. I like to put them in my clothes drawer as well, especially where I put my socks and underwear. It makes the drawer so much better looking.

They are very cheap

If you look around a little bit, you will notice how cheap drawer liners are. They are the cheapest way to keep your drawer in good condition, and refurbishing your furniture any other way will cost you more and take more time. So, drawer liners will save you money and time. If that does not convince you, I do not know what will.

How to choose the best drawer liners?

There are several available options when it comes to drawer liners, which is why it is good to be informed and make the right choice for your particular needs. As for that, here is what you need to consider when you buy drawer liners.

Washable vs. non-washable

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a washable drawer liner. It is a bit more expensive than the non-washable version, but as you can imagine, you save money in the long run. Also, the washable version is ideal for drawers where you may put wet or damp items, like the utensil drawer. If your forks and spoons have a few drops of water left on them, a washable drawer liner will absorb the moisture and will not allow the furniture to swollen. We all hate when that happens.

Self-adhesive vs. non-adhesive

Some liners are self-adhesive, while others are not. At the end of the day, this is a matter of preference because each model comes with its own pros and cons. While the self-adhesive drawer liners will stay put at all times, they can be difficult to remove when they need changing. The non-adhesive drawer liners are easy to remove, and they can always be rearranged, but some people are annoyed by the fact that they slide on the side of the drawer. It is your choice. 


While some products are paper-like, you can also find thick drawer liners that have a pad-like texture. That may come in handy when you want to protect a drawer from heavy objects like tools or something of this sort.

Ease of cleaning

While this may seem like a no-brainer, not all drawer liners are easy to clean. I mean, they may be, but you do not want the color to wear off as well, do you? There is no way you can tell from a picture, but you can always read some drawer liner reviews before making a purchase. That way you can find out from people who have already bought a particular liner if it is any good or not.


When it comes to drawer liners, design is important. Maybe not to everyone, but for most people. I say that because a kitchen padded drawer liner may not go as well in your bedroom drawers, or vice-versa. Think of what you need and where to put it. You may end up disappointed otherwise.

What are the best drawer liners?

I have to admit that I love drawer liners. Maybe it is because I used to live a lot in rented apartments or maybe because they simply look nice. Either way, I could suggest tens of my favorite models. However, we want to keep this short, which is why I picked three excellent suggestions that you may like. Hopefully, you will enjoy them at least as much as I do.

DII Non-Adhesive Cut To Fit Machine Washable Liner for Shelves, Cabinets, and Drawers

DII Non-Adhesive Cut To Fit Machine Washable Liner for Shelves, Cabinets, and Drawers

I love this drawer liner, mostly because it is washable, but it will work like a charm in your kitchen or your bathroom. Also, the fact that it is multi-functional makes it one of the most popular drawer liners online. It is made of 60% viscose and 40% polyester, which makes it soft and durable at the same time. You can put it in your drawers, but you can put it on shelves and in cabinets as well. Moreover, you can put it in your fridge as well to protect glass or produce. You can also use it when you wash your glasses. The fabric will absorb every drop of water.

The drawer liner from DII is non-adhesive, which means it may slide from time to time. However, that makes it easy to remove and wash when the time comes. Just take it away and throw it into the washing machine. Make sure that you use a wash cycle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, you may ruin the fabric. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

If you order this product, you will receive a 2-pack. Each roll measures 10 feet by 12 inches. It should be enough for a while, especially since you can reuse what you cut. You have multiple choices when it comes to patterns, which makes this liner appropriate for every room in the house.

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Con-Tact Creative Covering Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shelf and Drawer Liner

Con-Tact Creative Covering Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shelf and Drawer Liner

Just like the previous product, the liner from Con-Tact is also multi-functional, just not as much. This one is recommended for shelves and drawers only. However, the material is resistant and will efficiently protect your furniture. Just as the title suggests, the Con-Tact drawer liner is self-adhesive, which means it will not slide from side to side while in use.

The roll measures 18 inches in width and 20 feet in length. What you are going to love about it is that the paper on the back is already measured, and the grid will help you cut exactly how much you need. You can place it in your drawers, shelves, or on the back wall of your cabinets. It will make your furniture look lovely, but it will protect it at the same time.

Cleaning the liner is very simple. All you need is a damp cloth or a sponge, and you are done. The color will not fade in time, and it will look brand new. When you want to remove the liner, all you have to do is pull a corner and take it from there. You will not have trouble doing it, and the paper will not rip and give you a hard time. You can choose from a vast variety of colors and patterns.

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Con-Tact Brand Grip Premium Non-Adhesive Shelf and Drawer Liner

Con-Tact Brand Grip Premium Non-Adhesive Shelf and Drawer Liner

This liner is also from Con-Tact, but it is entirely different from the previous product. The ‘non-adhesive’ term from the title might have given away the biggest difference, but the texture differs as well. It will not stick to your surface of choice, but that does not mean it will slide from side to side. Quite the contrary. The texture features a non-slip property that will keep the liner in place at all times.

You can use this liner for your countertops, drawers, shelves, or whatever place you may find it necessary. It is a multi-functional product, so your needs will be satisfied. The liner will protect against scratches or the ordinary wear and tear your furniture may suffer in time.

Cleaning this liner is effortless. You can do it with a moist sponge or a damp cloth. The role you are buying measures 12 inches in width and 4 feet in length. You may notice that this one is not as long as the previous products, but this one is thicker. It is easy to cut and use, and you can find it in various measurements. I think you will love it, especially for spaces where you need to store hard objects, like tool drawers.

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My recommendation

It is hard for me to choose because I like all three products. However, if I were to choose one of them, I would go with the Con-Tact Brand Grip Premium Non-Adhesive Shelf and Drawer Liner. It has a thick texture; you do not have to make the time to remove it because it is non-adhesive, and it is very cheap. Not to mention that it will do an excellent job. I think it is one of the best drawer liners you could buy.


People would do many things to protect their belongings, and lining drawers is one of them. You have to admit that it is a simple and cheap solution to something that has been bothering most of us ever since we were old enough to acknowledge the fact that some things need protection. A liner drawer is a simple and elegant manner of doing that, which is why I recommend that you try it.

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

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