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Best Wind Chimes for a Soothing Ambience

Wind chime

Do you know that feeling when you stay on the porch on a warm day with a cup of tea in your hand, the wind blows gently, and you can hear the sweet sound of a wind chime? I do not know about you, but I love the sound and the feeling. It is a small but positive thing that can give you a sense of peace and tranquility. I am sure you know what I am talking about. If you have the porch and the tea, all you need is the best wind chime to complete the equation.

A wind chime is an inexpensive item that people have been using for hundreds of years. People usually associate a wind chime with Feng Shui, but in reality, it just gives people a positive vibe no matter if they practice Feng Shui or not. This practice is indeed all about inner peace and order in your life, and the wind chime can give you a feeling like that, but they do not have to be related. After all, I do not think you will buy a wind chime to chase away evil spirits like the Romans and the Indians did.

Types of wind chimes

Whenever I notice that people had wind chimes, I never saw two models alike. It seems that they come in multiple shapes and sizes, and their designs differ quite a lot. However, there are also various types of wind chimes, and they vary in design as well as in the materials the manufacturer chose to use to produce them. Believe it or not, there is some science in their manufacture, but they all have the same purpose. The one thing that differs is the sound they make, and each of them is unique

Woodwind chimes

It seems that wood wind chimes are the most popular, and they are made with bamboo. The tubes have a specific density, which is why they can create different tunes. The pipes made of bamboo are capable of producing sounds like soprano, alto, tenor, mezzo, and bass. The music is very beautiful, and a lot of people prefer these.

Metal wind chimes

A metal wind chime is usually made of steel or copper aluminum. As you can imagine, the sounds are sharper than the ones made by a wood chime. Apart from sounding lovely, these chimes are quite useful in scaring away birds or mice, but the wind needs to be strong enough. Just so you know, there is a difference between copper and steel. The former produces softer sounds than the latter.

Ceramic wind chimes

Ceramic wind chimes are usually placed at the entrances of buildings. You know when you enter a store, and the door pushes a chime to make that tinkling noise that lets people inside know that someone else just entered the building. Generally, those wind chimes are made of ceramic. They are beautifully made, and they come with all sorts of figurines. The sound is short and sharp. It is some sort of doorbell that rings after the person opened the door.

Glass wind chimes

These are also best placed indoors because they are incredibly sensitive. They produce a sharp, high-pitched, and tinkling sound. Most people buy these not for the music, but more for décor. They look really pretty.

Wind chimes made of other materials

When it comes to other materials, I am referring to the wind chimes made by people at home. If you are a skilled DIYer, then you may figure something out. You can make a chime using recyclable materials. However, do not expect to sound like the one you buy from the sore. As I said above, there is a little bit of wind chime physics, and I do not think you have the right tools to follow the laws of physics.

What to consider when looking for the best wind chime

When you are in the market looking for the best wind chime, the biggest mistake you could make is to buy a random product. Not only that it may not work properly, but you may end up with a poor-quality wind chime. Nobody likes that. Wind chimes may not be expensive, but that is not an excuse to get a poorly-made product. Here is what you need to consider before making a purchase.


Most of the time, the chime will be placed outside so that the wind can get ahold of it. That is why the one you buy must be built to last. After all, it will go through the full force of the elements. The wind must not knock it down, the rain must not damage it, and neither is the sun. For example, a wooden wind chime needs to be varnished correctly so that it is waterproof. Otherwise, it will rot in time. The one made of metal also needs a special coat to protect it against rust and corrosion.

Tube length

The length of the tube will determine how deep the sound the wind chime produces. Longer tubes are ideal for people who prefer lower and deeper sounds, or bass. If the tubes are short, they will produce higher notes, and the noises will come out high-pitched. This is a matter of preference so you cannot go wrong with that.

The size of the sail

The sail is the weight at the end of the strings. The larger the sail, the more wind the chime needs to produce sounds. Some people do not want to hear the chime all the time, and if you wish your chime to be silent in small winds, then a model with a large sail is what you are looking for. If you want the opposite, buy a chime with a small sail. Either way, you should know that the best wind chimes will always be quite heavy, and even if the sail is small, it will still remain silent in slight winds.

The number of tubes

The idea is simple: the more tubes a wind chime has, the more intricate the sounds will be. For example, did you know that there are wind chimes that can reproduce popular songs? Not very well, I’ll give you that, but you can still recognize some songs. If you want simple sounds, go for a wind chime with fewer tubes.

What are the best wind chimes?

Now that you know what to look for in the best wind chime, you can go and make your decision. Of course, you can read some wind chime reviews online to see what other people bought and whether or not they are satisfied with what they purchased. Or, you can avoid all that trouble and go for a wind chime from the models you will find below.

Woodstock Chimes Medium Amazing Grace Chime

Woodstock Chimes Medium Amazing Grace Chime

First of all, if you do decide to go for this model, you should know that you can find it in several sizes. For your information, the medium-sized Woodstock chime measures 24 inches in length, which is not too big or too small. It has the right size, but if you want the small or the large, you can go for it.

What is so great about this product is that it is tuned to the opening notes of Amazing Grace, which is a very popular and beloved American Hymn. The sounds come out beautifully, and I am sure you are going to love it on your window or the porch. The top circle is a cherry finish ash wood which looks lovely. There are 6 tubes attached to it, and they are made of high-quality aluminum. The windcatcher is removable so that you can customize the chime with ease.

The sail of the Woodstock chime is also medium-sized. It will not produce sounds in the slightest wind, but ultimately, that is a good thing. One way of ending up hating the wind chime is to hear it all the time. The clapper is also made of wood, and the sounds are medium pitched, so to speak. You can hang this item using the O-ring at the top, and the string is built to last even against the strongest winds. Overall, this wind chime is pretty much what everyone wants. 

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Pixpri Wind Chime

The wind chime from Prixpri may be another product that you will enjoy. The first thing that you will notice and love about it is that it has a lovely design. It looks very elegant. As for the sounds, the tubes will produce soft and subtle music. To make a comparison, this wind chime sounds like a lute or a lyre. It is indeed a unique and calming tone that you will love, and of that I am sure.

The tubes are made of high-quality aluminum, but they are powder coated with a rose gold finish. The wind catcher (a sail) has the same color, and it will look gorgeous in the sunshine. You can use it both outside for the sound, or you can use it inside for décor. The product will resist the elements, and since it is built to last, you will enjoy it for a very long time. As long as you maintain it properly, you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

The installation is relatively simple. The manufacturer will provide you with the hanging S-hook. The strings will resist the wind no matter how strong it is. You can hang the wind chime from a tree or your ceiling. All in all, I think this chime is more than satisfactory.

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Planted Perfect Beautiful Wind Chimes

Best wind chime: Planted Perfect Beautiful

Last but not least, the wind chime from Planted Perfect is yet another product that I am sure you are going to love. It produces clear, rich notes that will resonate around your house. The light pendulum (sail or windcatcher if you wish) is very light so you will hear it most of the time. Of course, if you do not like to listen to the chime all the time, I suggest you go for a product with a heavier sail. 

The length of this wind chime is 28 inches, but you can also find it in 22 inches. You can go for the gold design on the brown one, but they make pretty much the same sound. The tubes are made of metal, and the sounds are high-pitched. Even so, the music resonates beautifully. You will be able to hear it no matter where you are around the house.

One of the things that made me choose this particular product is the fact that the manufacturer took a pledge to plant a tree whenever there is a sale. So, if you buy this, you will have a tree planted in your name. You can help fight climate change and turn this world into a better and safer place to live.

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My recommendation

I can honestly say that all three products are to my liking, but if I had to choose just one, I would go with the Planted Perfect Wind Chime. Not only that it sounds incredible, but it also has a stunning design. In my book, that makes it one of the best wind chimes you can find within this price range. I highly recommend it.


A wind chime is not a fancy item for which you need to spend a lot of money. They are quite cheap, actually. However, you would be surprised to notice the difference such a simple item can make. It gives you that sense of serenity you cannot get from many things. Just try it, and you will see. One of the products above should be able to help you learn what I am talking about, and no matter which one you go for, I guarantee you will be happy with your choice.

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

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