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How To Remove The Most Common Carpet Stains

Removing stains with different organic and chemical cleaning products

Home is never complete without accessories such as carpets and rugs. These things make a house feel like a home for most homeowners. While some people prefer a minimalist design with bare flooring and tiles, there are also some who want the floor completely covered by something pleasant in the feet. Almost all the houses in the world use carpets for many reasons and one thing is for sure, carpets are not only decorations. They serve a lot of purposes, including making people comfortable when at home.

We can use carpets for different reasons. It can insulate the feet of homeowners from bare flooring or cold tiles. It can make your bedroom and living room a comfortable place where kids, adults, and pets can play. Carpets are also ideal for people who don’t want a single noise when someone is walking. If you are living in an apartment, having a carpet is necessary. Now, you might think that all that we talk about is the positive side of having a carpet. Well, that’s because the only thing that will give you a headache is when your carpet gets stained. Stains may come from different sources and no one knows exactly what type of stain your carpet will get tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. In this article, you will learn the common carpet stains and how to effectively remove them.

How to Remove Pet Stains Out of Carpet

We consider pets as best friends by most people if not all. Pets are not just limited to cats and dogs. Some prefer having lizards, rabbits, pigs, and hamsters that are free to roam around at home. Having pets at home is undeniably happy, but it comes with big responsibilities like cleaning their poo. Those who have dogs and cats at home can understand how hard and challenging it can get to clean this poo out especially if it gets to the carpets. It takes a serious pet owner to do the cleaning.

Pet poos and pees are the most common pet stains that can damage your carpets if not fully removed. This is one of the major reasons pet owners train their pets to use the bathroom instead. However, not all pets can be trained, making it impossible to free your home from pet stains. Look, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new carpet every time it gets pooed. It will be very costly for you. This time, let’s talk about how you can clean your dog’s or cat’s poo and pee out of the carpet properly and effectively.

Removing Dog Poo Stains Out of the Carpet

The usual type of dog poo is compact and easy to pick up. However, there are some pets that have watery poos especially when they have intestinal upset and if this gets to your carpet, it will be harder to clean it up. Regardless of what type of poop your pets have, there is no need to get anxious over it. Below is the process on how you can get rid of your pet’s poop from your carpet.

To start the cleaning process, all you need to gather are white vinegar, baking soda, and a cloth. First, pick up the compact poop and throw it in your trash can. Pour the vinegar over the stain. Remember not to soak the whole carpet in vinegar, just the area with the stain. Put enough amount of baking soda over the stain with vinegar, then wait for it to crackle. Wait until it dries and wipe it off with a cloth. You can also vacuum the carpet after.

How to get dog pee smell out of carpets

Another common type of pet stains is your dog’s or cat’s pee. Unlike poop, pees are not compact but a pure liquid that smells. Although pees can dry, it leaves unpleasant smells to your carpets. This is why you should still clean it up after it gets to your carpet. Do not blame your dogs. There is an effective way to get off that pee from your favorite carpet.

Cleaning dog pees is just like cleaning poop. You will need vinegar, baking soda, and a cloth. First, identify the portion of the stained carpet. Try to wipe off the pee with a dry cloth before you soak it up in vinegar. After pouring vinegar, sprinkle enough baking soda and wait for it to dry. Use the cloth to remove the dried stain and vacuum it up.

Removing Stains Made By Liquids

Apart from pet stains, your carpets can also be stained by drinks such as coffee, juices, soft drinks, and alcohol. As much as you want to avoid it, you need to face life unexpected events like pouring your wine when you get drunk or mishandling your cup of coffee. It’s fine, there is no wrong in accidentally doing that because there is a solution to all of this. Here’s what you need to do when your carpet gets stained by coffee, wine, soda, or juices.

Getting Coffee Stains Out Of Carpets

Coffee is made out of tannins or a type of polyphenol that usually dissolves in water. This ingredient can also be found in wines and teas. Tannis has color compounds that when it sticks to your teeth or to your carpet, it leaves a yellowish kind of stain. Also, coffees have a unique smell depending on their substance. The stronger the coffee is, the more smelly it is when it gets to your carpet. When getting coffee out of your carpets, you need an amount of liquid dish soap, white vinegar, a bowl, and warm water. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar and liquid dish soap with two cups of warm water in a bowl. After drying up as much coffee as you can, pat the stained carpet little by little until the yellow stain disappears.

Get Red Wine Stain Out From Carpets

It’s great to have more than just plain water at home. Getting drunk once in a while is a great feeling. We know that too. To enjoy the night, you don’t actually have to go out and drink at the bars and clubs. Staying at home and stocking up wines and alcoholic beverages is more convenient than going on a night out. When people get drunk, there is a possibility that they mishandle their cup of wine and it leads to staining the carpets at home. While it is accidental, there is no need to worry about it. Here’s what you can do to remove wine stains from your carpet.

There are two options to clean wine stains. The first one is to prepare cold water and salt. Blot as much as wine as you can from the spill. Apply cold water and keep blotting until the wine dilutes. Pour salt over the wine stain then vacuum it up.

The second option is to use a vinegar solution. Make your own solution by mixing a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, and 2 cups of water in a large bowl. Stir the mixture until fully combined. Soak the wine stain with your solution and after some time of drying, pour cold water into the stain. Just repeat the process until the carpet becomes clean from stain again.

Removing Soda and Juice Stains

Sodas and juices are part of our everyday lives. Some people cannot live without drinking a glass of those in a day. Unlike water, sodas and juices have sweet or sour tastes that make it more interesting to have than just a plain liquid. We cannot blame those people. Who doesn’t want a sweet drink after having a full course meal? Just in case your carpet gets stained by these drinks. You can do the following steps to get rid of it.

Gather all the necessary materials: plain water or white vinegar, dishwashing liquid, white cloth, and cold and warm water. When you have these things already, you can start by creating your own cleaning mixture. Get a bowl and mix the plain water or white vinegar, one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and warm water. Blot the stain with the mixture until you cannot see the stain anymore. Wet the portion of the stained carpet with cold water and blot until it gets dry.

How often should you clean your carpet?

The idea of cleaning up carpet stains never ends. You will still meet different stains in your life, and it’s important that you have something in mind to do when this happens. Using white vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing liquid, cloth, sponge, and salt is common when cleaning your carpet because they are the most natural cleaning ingredients you can get from the supermarket. There are still a lot of alternatives out there. You can even get a product that is specifically for wine stain and that’s okay to choose. However, as a homeowner, always choose the most natural remedy for your home accessories so they won’t get damaged right away. Protect your carpets by regularly cleaning them up.

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

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