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Best WiFi Light Switches: Smart Lighting Control

Smart WiFi Light Switch

Today’s homes are filled with smart devices and our best wifi light switches are no exception. We have smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart heating systems, and many others. In this context, an intelligent lighting system does not sound very surprising, doesn’t it? If you think about it, nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to technology. All you have to do is imagine an innovative idea and chances are it already exists. 

Thanks to modern technology we are now able to control our home lights from anywhere we want. By installing a wifi light switch, you no longer have to worry if you left the lights turned on at home. Or if you want to find your home already illuminated when you get home, no problem. It’s entirely doable. All you need is a wifi light switch.

What is a wifi light switch?

A wifi light switch is a switch that can be connected to the internet through your wifi router. It is also known as a smart light switch, and it can actually improve your home lighting system by making it more efficient and effective. Given the fact that we are trying to transform our houses into smart homes, finding the best wifi light switches is the way to start.

How does it work?

The idea for a wifi light switch is pretty simple. There are two main pieces involved: a receiver and a transmitter. The receiver is a wall fixture that is installed on your power system (the lighting wires), and the transmitter is the device that sends signals to the receiver. When it comes to wifi light switches, the transmitter is your phone or tablet. Both the receiver and the transmitter are connected to the internet. So here is how it goes. You access the app on your phone and let’s say you want to turn on your kitchen light. You press the button, and the phone will transmit the signal to your router at home. The router will also send a signal to the wall fixture which will turn on your kitchen light. Just like you wanted. Easy, right?

The advantages of using a wifi light switch

Using the best wifi light switch has a lot of benefits, apart from making your home look cool. It’s not just for show. It comes with a whole set of advantages that maybe you haven’t thought about before. Here are a few reasons why it is better than a manual switch system.

Control lights and appliances

It will give you peace of mind when you leave to work or even on vacation. Did it ever happen to you to wonder if you turned off the lights? Of course, it did. Everyone goes through this. But with a wifi light switch, you don’t have to worry anymore. Just use the app to turn off the light, and you can be at peace. Or, when you go on vacation, it’s always good to leave lights turned on, just in case someone is thinking of breaking in. But leaving the lights on 24 hours a day is wasteful. That is why you can turn them on only at night using the app. Or you can program them, depending on the system. You will be able to enjoy your vacation without thinking about your home’s safety.

You can turn lights on and off anywhere you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you can be in Mumbai and still be able to control your home’s lighting system. I don’t know about you, but I always like to leave the light on for my dog if I leave home at night. But sometimes I leave during the day and because of unforeseen reasons, I get home late at night. A wifi light switch comes in handy in this case. I can just turn the light remotely and at the same time not feel guilty for leaving my pooch in the dark for too long.

Save energy

It will save energy. Imagine the above scenarios if you don’t have a wifi light switch. You forget the light turned on, you leave your light on 24 hours/ day when on vacation, and you illuminate the house for your dog hours before dark. What do all these have in common? Waste. You are wasting energy. However, a wifi light switch will prevent that from happening by encouraging efficient energy usage. Any smart system will help you save money on your electricity bill. For me, that’s reason enough to install such a system in my home.

How to choose the best wifi light switch?

If you like the idea of having a smart light switch in your home, there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase. There are some features that differentiate between an average product and the best wifi light switch, it is best if you do your homework before spending your hard-worked money, don’t you think?

DIY minimal knowledge

Know your wiring. It appears that a wifi light switch can only be wired up in a neutral way. When it comes to new houses, that is not an issue. Most new homes have neutral wiring in a light switch box. However, old homes do not. So in order to install a wifi light switch in an old house, you also need to change your wiring setup, which can be quite costly. Check your wiring before even thinking to install a smart light switch. Otherwise, you can end up spending some money for nothing.

You must have minimal DIY knowledge. You will have to install the wall fixture and do the wiring. It’s not difficult, the switch comes with instructions and a layout, but you still must know a few things or two. Of course, you can always call someone to do it for you if you don’t feel comfortable fumbling with the wiring.

Smartphone app

The smartphone app is a crucial part of any wifi light switch. There are some that allow you to have wider control over the lights, like dimming or setting schedules. All the best wifi light switches come with as many controls as possible, so look for those.

What are the best wifi light switches?

Knowing what you know now, you can make a decision. I think that choosing the best wifi light switch should come easy now, but if you still have doubts, here are three examples that can satisfy your needs.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch is a perfect example of what I was talking about earlier. It will transform your entire lighting system into a smart light management scheme. All you have to do is install this in your home, and you will be able to manage the lights just the way you want. Speaking of installation, the whole process is very simple. It does require a neutral line, however. So if you don’t have one, this model will not be compatible with your wiring.

You can control your lights from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. The Kasa app is free and is compatible with iOS 8 or higher, as well as with Android 4.1 or higher. There are a lot of functions, and you will be able to do all sorts of things with it. You can check on the lights, create schedules, or even set timers. If you want to control the system by voice, you should know that it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and there is no hub required

What I love about TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch is that it has an Away Mode. You can use the app and schedule the lights to turn on and off at certain moments, so it gives the impression that somebody’s home. You can use this while you are on vacation or when you leave your house unattended for long periods. Its purpose is to keep burglars away. Imagine someone trying to break into your house only for the lights to go on all of a sudden. It will scare the burglar away in an instant.

You should probably know that TP-Link is not only for lighting systems. It can be used for a variety of devices, but you need smart plugs as well.

Check the product at https://amzn.to/3Yx6J5N

WeMo Wi-Fi Enabled Light Switch

Best wifi light switch: WeMo Smart Light Switch

The WeMo is the best replacement for your old wall light switch. This is one of the best ways to start transforming your home into a smart house. That is if your house isn’t already intelligent and you just want a new addition. But it’s always better to start small. It’s very easy to install, and people who love DIY projects will enjoy this one. Make sure that you have a neutral wire, though. It will not work otherwise. Also, it is not recommended to use a metal faceplate because it will interfere with the wifi signal. 

To control the system, you have to download the free app (compatible with Android 4.1 or higher and iOS 8 and higher), and you will be able to turn on and off the lights from anywhere around the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you should be okay. There is no hub or subscription required.

Among the features, you will also find a schedule option. You can program for the lights to turn on every day when you get off work, or you can make them switch on and off at sunrise and sunset. But what I find even more surprising is that WeMo can work with Nest Thermostat. Your lights will ‘know’ when you get in or out of the house, and they will turn on or off. I don’t know about you, but these features simply amaze me. I am as familiar with modern technology as much as you are, but I don’t think I will ever stop being surprised.

Just like the previous model, WeMo Wifi Enabled Switch can control other devices as well. For example, it can control your ceiling fans to turn on whenever the temperature hits 80. In case you are interested, it is compatible with Alexa. You can use voice commands without too much trouble. As far as I can see, there isn’t much need for manual control anymore. 

You can check the product at https://amzn.to/3mFKoWi

Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Light Switch

Last, but not least, Ankuoo is a simpler version of the other two models. It’s not compatible with Alexa, so if you plan to use voice control, this model is not for you. It’s very easy to install but only works with one-way connections. Three-way connections are not supported. As long as you completed DIY projects before, you should have no issues installing this device.

Features include turning lights on and off from anywhere. The same as the other two, as long as you are connected to the internet, your house lights can be controlled from miles away. Checking to see if the lights are on or off has never been so easy as is now. You also have other options like setting schedules, an anti-theft timer, or a countdown timer. The device supports up to 16 schedule timers, so you don’t have to do it every time you need a different setting.

One thing I appreciate about this switch is that you don’t have to change existing rocker switch plates. Ankuoo will fit perfectly. However, if the existing plates are made of metal, they need changing. The metal may interfere with the wifi signal, which will make the whole system useless.

The app is completely free, there is no need for a subscription, and it’s compatible with iOS 6 or higher and Android 4 or higher. If you are interested, you can also use the modular system provided by NEO. One app can control multiple NEO smart switches.

My recommendation – Best WiFi Light Switch

I don’t know about you, but out of the three devices, the WeMo seems the best wifi light switch. That feature with the Nest Thermostat is a real selling point for me. For a device to know when I leave and when I come back with nothing more than a heat sensor is really amazing.


I always find technology amazing. It still manages to surprise me, and by looking at the way things are going, it will continue to do so for a very long time. You can never know what tomorrow can bring. But the smart house is one of the best ideas ever. Turning your house into a self-manageable home is the best thing you could hope for. Not only it will make your life easier, but it’s also a good thing for our environmental footprint. The less we waste, the less the planet will suffer. A smart house is a good step in that direction.

Last Updated on May 22, 2023

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