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How to clean roofs as a beginner

Every homeowner dreams of a stylish, appealing, comfortable, and quality home. But, with a ton of factors to bear in mind, it’s difficult when or how to get started. 

Perhaps, you’re done cleaning the interior. Maybe, you replaced the old windows with quality and long-lasting brands. So, what’s next? Cleaning your roof should be your next top priority.

Roof replacement is a go-to option for many homeowners. But there are cheaper and more effective alternatives than that – roof cleaning. Clean roofs can enhance your home’s curb appeal, resale value, and durability. The maintenance, however, is easier said than done. 

Don’t worry as you have come to the right place! Why is it necessary to clean and maintain the roof? Is DIY roof cleaning better than hiring a professional! Read on for more information! 

The Pros of Regular Roof Cleaning

Achieve a More Polished Roof Look 

The bright-colored roof fades over time. Moss or grass starts to grow, and regular roof maintenance can play an imperative role. A clean roof can give your home a polished look. Thorough upkeep will take off moss and black stains, restoring your roof’s appearance. 

Avoid Expensive Roof Damage

Moss is a common roof problem. Despite that, some homeowners leave it untreated until the damage is difficult to fix. Having a moss buildup on the roof is not the end of the world. With proper maintenance, you can avoid costly and long-term roof damages. Cleaning the moss from the roof can be easily achieved by following the tips listed below.

Cheaper than a Roof Replacement 

The cost of roof replacement is around $5,500. Proper upkeep, on the contrary, is only available at $260. So, which is better? Of course, roof cleaning is more affordable than you’ve ever imagined. More than the cost, professional maintenance can increase your roof’s longevity. 

Get rid of Algae and other Stubborn Elements 

The moss, algae, and lichens can eat your shingles and weaken the wood structure. As the wood rots, it leads to mold growth. Without immediate action, the mold poses a risk to the household. The secret here is to pay attention to roof stains. Call a trusted professional for your comfort. 

Reduce Energy Consumption 

A roof with moss and algae is unable to reflect sunlight. Then, the shingles absorb heat, making your attic hotter than expected. So, you relatively depend on your HVAC appliances to balance the room temperature, which increases your electric bills. A soft and simple wash can reverse the effect. Contact a reputable expert before it’s too late. 

4 Ways to clean your roof

Use a leaf blower to remove leafs from the roof 

There are different ways to clean your roof or treat algae. Roof blow is a go-to option for most homeowners because of its simplicity. With the use of high-pressure air blowers or leaf blowers, you can get rid of any debris on your roof. Unlike the other techniques, the roof blow can be done within a few minutes. It takes larger debris and makes a big difference. When it comes to the cost, it is budget-friendly. 

Pressure wash the roof

Utilizing a pressure washer is another roof cleaning technique that has been getting immense popularity around the globe. Contractors typically use high pressure to remove mold and moss and clean the surface up to the maximum and can be used also for gutters. What makes it different from others is that it can make your roof cleaner in the long run. However, using a pressure washer to clean the roof may destroy your shingles. An expert roof cleaner with the right tools and experience can remove the moss without damaging the roof shingles.

Apply Zinc Oxide on the roof

Another effective and popular approach is zinc oxide application. To use it, just apply the powder to the affected areas. After a few days, the moss, lichen, and algae won’t be noticeable. But be wary when using zinc oxide. For those who don’t have the knowledge, let a professional handle the job for you. 

Soft wash the roof

Roof soft wash is another growing and popular method. How does it work? Simply, contractors apply a diluted bleach solution to the affected spots. Then, they rinse it with water. Similar to other techniques, roof soft wash kills any organisms on the shingles. But don’t do it yourself. Hiring a trusted expert is a bright idea. 

Is It Worth It to Clean the Roof on Your Own? 

DIY roof cleaning is fulfilling. This is especially true when your roof no longer has algae or moss. But the process is tricky especially if you have to clean the chimney. The risks of falling are higher than you have ever thought. You are more prone to severe injuries and costly hospitalization bills, too. 

What’s the secret to a safe, convenient, and successful roof upkeep? A trusted contractor should be on top of your list. 

Why Hire A Professional Roof Cleaning Expert? 

A DIY roof maintenance is affordable. Unfortunately, the results might not last, which requires homeowners to repeat the procedure. A roof cleaning professional is a different case. 

Experts use the highest quality of materials and safest chemicals – Let’s admit it! Algae, lichen, and moss require extra effort to remove. The good news is that a trusted company has the necessary chemicals and materials to transform your roof into a newer one. 

Years of experience and wide expertise – Aside from high-end materials, a reputable roof cleaning specialist has a skilled team. Each of the staff is committed to providing long-term solutions and establishing a positive client relationship. Before the project begins, experts provide an intensive inspection. Then, they modify their services according to the homeowners’ requirements and goals. 

Ensure maximum safety and convenience – Professionals are trained to handle the dangers of roof upkeep. They have undergone continuous professional development, making them a flexible service provider. Aside from the skills, they are packed with safety tools. What makes them a better option is that they do not take shortcuts. They take their time without compromising quality solutions. 

Are you tired of moss? Or are you exhausted from the presence of algae and lichens? Whatever the case may be, contact a trusted expert in the industry. The right professional can ensure optimal safety, competitive pricing, and hassle-free experience too.

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

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