The simplest guide on how to clean solar panels on roofs

June 22, 2020

How to clean solar panels on roof

A solar panel is effective if the sun’s rays are not blocked in any way. In time, the effectiveness of solar panels may decrease; the most common reason is dust building upon them. The most straightforward method to figure out if they need to be cleaned is to check the panels’ output in a day without clouds. If the output power decreased, the panels might need to be cleaned. If you plan on cleaning the roof, take advantage, and clean the solar panels at that time.

As most solar panels are mounted on the roofs, you must take some safety measures to ensure that you don’t fall from the roof.

To be able to clean the solar panel mounted on roofs, you’ll need a ladder. Position the ladder on a stable surface and be sure it does not move, the ladder must be in excellent condition. Try to locate the lowest point of your roof, and that will be the spot that you’ll use to get up.

How to clean solar panels at home

Use a broom and water hose

The best way to clean solar panels is to use a broom and a hose. This method is inexpensive and does not require any additional tools. Hose the solar panels with water and use the broom to sweep any debris.
Don’t forget to use a soft broom, and a hard one may scratch the solar panels.

You can redo these steps as often as you need.

Use a power washer

A power washer can be used to remove all the dust from solar panels. But, don’t use an aggressive debit, the flow must be more like a mist and not like a jet. In case you have shingles on the roof, the jet is possible to damage the shingles. Take your time, and be sure to clean the solar panels thoroughly.

How to clean solar panels on roofs – FAQ

Q: Are you supposed to clean solar panels?
A: Yes, solar panels in time require some cleaning. If you live in the city, the exhaust gasses and dust mix with rain and may deposit on the solar panels.

Q: Can you clean solar panels with Windex?
A: Windex can be used to clean solar panels, but there is no need. As solar panels are mounted on roofs, you may fall down the roof and injure yourself.

Q: Can you clean solar panels by yourself?
A: Cleaning the solar panels does not require any special tools or cleaning solutions, but it’s good practice to have someone with you.

Q: Can you clean solar panels with tap water?
A: Tap water can be successfully used to clean solar panels. The surface of solar panels is very smooth and can be easily washed with only water.

Q: How to clean solar panels from the ground?
A: The simplest way to clean solar panels from the ground is to use a telescopic window cleaner. If the roof is tall, the window cleaner may not be long enough to reach the solar panels.

Q: How to clean solar panels on garden lights?
A: The solar panels on garden lights can be cleaned with only water most of the time. In case there is mud on them, hose the panels with water, and use a microfiber towel to remove all the dirt.

Q: How often to clean solar panels?
A: Solar panels usually do not require cleaning, but the performance of the solar panels can determine that. If the power output is lower for similar days, then it may need cleaning.

Q: When to wash solar panels?
A: If you are using cold water to wash the solar panels, the best time to clean them is in the morning. In the afternoon, the panels may get hot, and the temperature difference may lead to the panel cracking.

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